The CSA Professionals

The CSA Team of professionals, available to you, bring with them over 100 years of industry, government and insurance industry loss control background. Their combined experience is in the areas of Safety Programs development, Accident Investigations, OSHA Training, Third Party Audits, Industrial Hygiene Consulting, and OSHA compliance including representation at informal conferences and during appeals to the OSHRC. This background and experience makes available to you cutting edge solutions to your loss control needs. We do deliver the best, quickest, and most innovative solution to our clients needs. Our capability for timely but rapid response to our client's needs and requests place our company at the top of your preferred solutions to any training, safety or compliance question. CSA can assist in reducing your insurance costs.

Quality project Audits and Review

Following a careful review of all pertinent documents provided by the client, we will develop and initiate the implementation of a comprehensive loss control program, develop a quality and assurance oversight process, and conduct audits and surveillance of the implementation process. The program procedures shall be established to ensure all elements of the quality loss control programs are properly functioning. Surveillance shall constitute on-site audits to determine both OSHA compliance and conformance. CSA can provide development and implentation of a documented loss control program by which independent autis will be conducted at your projects.

"Construction, general industry, mineral extraction, chemical or refinery safety doesn't just happen. It is the result of a comprehensive, proactive plan that recognizes and addresses potential problems."
                 - Frederick C. Harbour, President

We are the experts who can assist you with any of your loss control issues.

Expert professional loss control consultations

CSA is a highly qualified consulting firm staffed with a variety of diverse professionals with experience in all aspects of construction and general industry safety and health. This experience includes Certified Industrial Hygienist consulting, ARTBA Roadway Work Zone Training & Site Audits.

Our firm offers progressive companies a wide range of services designed to enhance their safety and health programs and strengthen the loss control program being provided by insurance carriers. Contact us to see how we can assist your company with its safety and loss control programs.

Safety is indeed the art of working properly.